5 of the best mannequin challenges

mannequin challenge

There are a lot of mannequin videos sweeping the internet but we’ve whittled it down to our favourite few…

1. Hillary Clinton
When optimism for her presidential election bid was still running high, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team, and weirdly Jon Bon Jovi, took up the mannequin challenge on board her private plane. We think Bill’s mannequin pose is a doppelganger for his Madame Tussauds waxwork. Uncanny!

2. The Late Late Show with James Corden
This one wins the prize for sheer epic-ness. The handheld static-cam throughout the studio is quite a feat, particularly getting the whole studio audience involved. Kudos to the house band for pausing mid-tune, too.

3. European Tour golfers
Footballer Jamie Vardy might have attempted a post-goal mannequin challenge during England’s recent friendly against Spain at Wembley, but this video from European Tour Golfers is by far our favourite professional sports example.

4. Adele
She’s not one for publicity but Adele’s short Instagram vid of her and her team’s mannequin challenge is pure gold. Staged like a western bar, complete with cowboy hats, a barroom brawl and a Johnny Cash soundtrack.

5. Nursery kids
These four-year-olds in the US absolutely fail the mannequin challenge but they win a spot in our list for their sheer determination and the concentration on their little faces. Utterly addictive.

Have you taken up the #MannequinChallenge yet? Go on, have a go…

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