An interesting project from Orange called The Feed. Basically, it’s an excellent way to get people to interact with the Orange brand via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. The Feed is a series of little projects or games that require you to send a tweet or link up with your Facebook profile to perform any number of tasks, and you stand to get something personal back from it.

To name a few, Orange have had illustrators giving Facebook mugshots bodies, drawing portraits based on a tweeted description and had your tweets recorded as songs.

It’s a really interesting way to interact with people and extends the Orange ethos of ‘giving’ (think Orange Wednesday). They are on project #37 at the moment, where you can have your face incorporated into your very own movie poster, this requires that you log in via Facebook, where you’ll be asked a few questions to get the film synopsis, and an artist will get busy rendering you in your own poster!  Go visit and have a hunt around, it’s interesting stuff.



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