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Marketing Automation – Does it deliver?

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Why great content will always be key to making great technology tick

On paper, marketing automation software is a marketing team’s dream. It makes it easier to send emails, segment customers, populate social media channels and manage content. Plus, it can supply you with endless reports on how your content is performing. The software integrates with your business’ CRM system, so you can streamline marketing and sales departments, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We’re all for anything that makes life easier, particularly if it provides useful data to justify marketing spend. However, it is worth proceeding with caution when putting all your weight (and budget) behind marketing automation software.

Many brands have invested in these software systems and have found that, while the functionality is great, it becomes null and void without great content. You might be able to send out personalised emails, but where’s the value if the email content doesn’t resonate with your audience?

Talk to your customers through this technology

As Ross Wilkinson, Deputy CEO at Specialist – The Content Agency, explains: “There are lots of different marketing automation platforms out there, some better than others. But brands will struggle to harness the technology if they don’t apply the human touch with engaging and interesting content.

“Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the simplest way to connect with your audience is by sharing great stories and useful information. This may be via case studies, blogs, infographics, video, white papers, emails, direct marketing or social media.

“You want to inform and start a conversation with your audience, so that every touchpoint helps build brand recognition and loyalty.”

A holistic approach is crucial when it comes to brand communications, marrying a must-see content marketing strategy with the right software solution to deliver it.

As Ross explains: “We work with clients across a number of marketing automation platforms and bringing their brand stories to life through that technology is key. The content has to lead the process. No one will click on an email or watch a video if it doesn’t provide interest and engagement.

“Marketing automation software can help ensure audiences receive content tailored to their interests at the right time. It’s also invaluable in offering customer insight through data collection. The tech definitely has its place, but it’s not a substitute for quality content delivered with creativity and originality, more a valuable partner.”