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The rise of the video-graphic


The infographic has long reigned in the content marketing world as the method of whittling down complex information into bitesize, visually appealing soundbites to share across social media.

But, step aside infographic, because there’s a new contender in town: the video-graphic. Or, as Good magazine likes to call them, ‘vizeos’. These are short videos used to illustrate one point in a simple, digestible format.

Often featuring video footage or animation, overlaid with music and text, the video-graphic is essentially a way of bringing the static infographic to life in a more compelling way.

To understand what we’re on about, check out this video-graphic, which explains the odds of winning the lottery using bananas. We also love this one that summarises in a nutshell how deep the ocean really is.

Key points to remember if you’re inspired to make a video-graphic:
1. Stick to one point – don’t try and shoehorn too much information in there. Answer one burning question or explain one point.
2. Tell a story – adopt a traditional narrative with a compelling beginning, middle and end.
3. Keep it short – hook your audience from start to finish. We reckon 1 minute 30 seconds tops.

The video-graphic is just the latest content marketing tool harnessing the potential of video in social spaces. Savvy marketeers should also look out for developments in text-to-video technology. Wibbitz, for example, takes short written news stories and turns them into snappy videos, in a cost-effective way.

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