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5 video innovations we’re seeing in content marketing now

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Video rocks. Quite simply, there is no better way to power a search or a consumer strategy. Niki Webb, CEO at Specialist – The Content Agency, offers some trends to note.

1. Think mobile first

According to the latest report from Ooyala, mobile devices* accounted for 46% of all video plays in Q4 2015. Millennials drive this, so you should use mobile video to reach them if your product or brand is skewed towards this audience.

2. How to scale your output

Video should be a numbers game but often the creative excites marketers so much that they forget about the ROI. Audience figures show TV still offers the best guaranteed way to reach large numbers with a new product development. However, some brands are matching TV audience figures through a multi-property approach.

There’s a reason L’Oréal is top of the beauty video charts: it has 61 video properties in 39 different countries. L’Oréal benefits from a large video estate that focuses on different segments of the market. A Facebook upload to L’Oréal’s Brazil company page was one of the brand’s most viewed pieces of content this year. The clip, which features consumer feedback on the Micellar Water product, generated seven million views, and 70,000 engagements.

3. Use experts – not presenters

Audiences accept medium-quality video as long as it is informative, credible and endorsed by an expert. When you consider budget, spend at least half on the expert. This will ensure that the content is credible and authoritative, while post-production values become less crucial. You’d be right to think twice before putting your own brand experts in front of the camera if they’re not camera-ready. But your video and brand’s credibility can really rocket if they are slick on screen and super knowledgeable to boot. You’ll save valuable budget, too.

4. Use video to research your audience

Video can be used as an ideal research application. Low-cost specialist apps allow you to ask your customers to record their experiences at home on their mobiles, live, in their environment. This content contains ‘content pearls’ as well as chunks of interesting material that you can use to tell your brand story.

5. Get creative with your video

Let’s face it, most children can create short videos and they use animation, emoji and editing techniques regularly. Therefore, resist the urge to employ static pieces-to-camera, which can be wooden. Animated slides make interesting, informative content and can be shared across multiple platforms. Slideshare is now part of LinkedIn so there’s an extra benefit. Let the numbers do the talking, too, through infographics and Vizeos (a hybrid of video and data visualisation) are good ways to let the numbers do the talking.

This is an edited version of an article that was first published on MPharma.io.

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